Tiger Shroff joins ‘Sunfeast India Run As One’

Tiger Shroff

Youth Icon Tiger Shroff joins Sunfeast India Run As One – India’s largest citizen movement to restart Livelihoods, beginning this Independence Day.

The actor has been at the forefront of fitness and active living; inspiring millions. However, this time he isn’t there to promote fitness, but to lead from the front and encourage citizens to join this first-of-its-kind virtual participatory movement, for purposeful giving and wellness from within India and across the world. #LivelihoodsMatter.

Since the nationwide lockdown in March, it is estimated that over 140 million workers have lost their livelihoods and been severely impacted. Add to them the family members—children, spouses, parents—who depend on them and the scale of the problem, truly boggles the mind.

How can we become part of the solution; can our one step forward help restart a livelihood and bring a smile to someone face?

Tiger believes that, yes, we can. Running or walking are the simplest activities for a healthy mind and body. In support of the movement, Tiger Shroff, stated, “I believe that in the current scenario, when things are difficult, we should focus on keeping our mind and our bodies healthy and try to help those who are lesser fortunate. India Run As One is a great movement through which we can make contributions to help the people who have taken a heavy blow due to the pandemic.

I have already registered to join many others, this Independence Day and I urge all Indians, here and across the globe to come together and join this noble initiative.”

Commenting on the association, Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer – Biscuits and Cakes Category, Foods Business Division, ITC Limited. said, “With support from Tiger Shroff, a youth and fitness icon, we envision participation in great numbers from fitness enthusiasts across the country. Mr. Shroff’s participation will bring the youth together leading them to become ambassadors of a positive social impact. Sunfeast India Run as One is a movement that resonates with our brand ethos of spreading happiness, positivism, and cheer, a much-needed sentiment during these trying times. We are excited to have the support of Mr. Shroff who will also be the torchbearer of this initiative that brings about the much-needed financial support, respite, and spread cheer to those in need & their families”.

While speaking about Tiger Shroff’s association, Anil Singh, Managing Director, Procam International stated, “We are proud to have Tiger Shroff, a youth icon, who embodies the very spirit and ethos on which this initiative is built.  Tiger’s endorsement will inspire and be a clarion call for all Indians especially the youth to come together in one voice”.

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