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With focus on the Junior Men’s Hockey Asia Cup, India Colts begin training

Dinachandra Singh.

With their focused pinned on the Junior Men’s Asia Cup, India Colts began training today following a week-long quarantine. The 37-member Junior Men’s Core Group reported to SAI, Bengaluru on 6 February 2021 and underwent mandatory quarantine followed by a RTPCR swab test before resuming training from Saturday.  

The Core Group will vie to make the most of the National Coaching Camp which concludes on 1 May 2021. “The focus of this camp will be to improve our fitness, speed and create some match-scenarios to be best prepared for the Junior Men’s Asia Cup,” expressed Coach BJ Kariappa.  

“Since the Senior Men’s Core group is also housed in the same campus, we want to make most of their presence here and will plan a few sessions where the Junior players can get some match-practice against them,” he added.  

The Junior Men’s Core Probable list includes goalkeepers Pawan, Prasant Kumar Chauhan and Sahil Kumar Nayak while the defenders called-up are Sanjay, Cyril Lugun, Nabin Kujur, Sunil Jojo, Dinachandra Singh Moirangthem, Niraj Kumar Waribam, Shardanand Tiwari and Abhishek Lakra.  

The midfielders selected for the National Camp includes Gregory Xess, Sukhman Singh, Maninder Singh, Gopi Kumar Sonkar, Rabichandra Singh Moirangthem, Akashdeep Singh, Yashdeep Siwach, Ankit Pal, Vishnu Kant Singh, Mareeswaran Sakthivel, Surya NM, Darshan Vibhav Gawkar and Gurmukh Singh. Among forwards Amandeep, Rahul Kumar Rajbhar, Boby Singh Dhami, Arshdeep Singh, Shivam Anand, Sudeep Chirmako, Mohd Sadiq, Uttam Singh, S Karthi, Manjeet, Diljeet Singh, Araijeet Singh Hundal and Prabhjot Singh have been called-up for the camp. 

“With the mandatory quarantine period completed, we have begun training from today onwards and the players are all upbeat to make the most of this National Coaching Camp,” Kariappa said. 

Junior Men’s Core Probable List:  


  1. Pawan (Hockey Haryana)  
  2. Prasant Kumar Chauhan (Uttar Pradesh Hockey) 
  3. Sahil Kumar Nayak (Hockey Odisha)  


  1. Sanjay (Hockey Chandigarh)  
  2. Cyril Lugun (Hockey Odisha)  
  3. Nabin Kujur (Hockey Odisha)  
  4. Sunil Jojo (Hockey Odisha)  
  5. Dinachandra Singh Moirangthem (Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy)  
  6. Niraj Kumar Waribam (Manipur Hockey)  
  7. Shardanand Tiwari (Uttar Pradesh Hockey)  
  8. Abhishek Lakra (Hockey Odisha)


  1. Gregory Xess (Hockey Odisha) 
  2. Sukhman Singh (Hockey Chandigarh) 
  3. Maninder Singh (Hockey Chandigarh) 
  4. Gopi Kumar Sonkar (Uttar Pradesh Hockey) 
  5. Rabichandra Singh Moirangthem (Manipur Hockey)  
  6. Akashdeep Singh (Hockey Punjab) 
  7. Yashdeep Siwach (Hockey Haryana) 
  8. Ankit Pal (Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy)  
  9. Vishnu Kant Singh (Uttar Pradesh Hockey)  
  10. Mareeswaran Sakthivel (Hockey Unit Of Tamil Nadu) 
  11. Surya NM (Hockey Karnataka) 
  12. Darshan Vibhav Gawkar (Hockey Maharashtra)  
  13. Gurmukh Singh (Hockey Haryana)


  1. Amandeep (Hockey Chandigarh) 
  2. Rahul Kumar Rajbhar (Services Sports Control Board)  
  3. Boby Singh Dhami (Hockey Haryana) 
  4. Arshdeep Singh (Hockey Chandigarh) 
  5. Shivam Anand (Uttar Pradesh Hockey)  
  6. Sudeep Chirmako (Hockey Odisha) 
  7. Mohd Sadiq (Hockey Maharashtra)  
  8. Uttam Singh (Uttar Pradesh Hockey)  
  9. S Karthi (Hockey Unit Of Tamil Nadu) 
  10. Manjeet (Services Sports Control Board) 
  11. Diljeet Singh (Hockey Chandigarh) 
  12. Araijeet Singh Hundal (Hockey Punjab) 
  13. Prabhjot Singh (Hockey Punjab) 

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