COVID Lockdown: Powerlifter Gaurav Sharma cooks food for 1,000 people daily

With the county coming to a standstill due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, each one– right now– is trying his/her best to help the poor and needy in India. Powerlifter Gaurav Sharma is also doing his bit as the World Champion has been cooking and distributing food and water to at least 1,000 people daily who have found the going tough ever since the government imposed the lockdown in the Capital.

Maintaining the strict health guidelines, Gaurav has been feeding the needy. “The situation right now is very disturbing. Many people have suffered because of lockdown. I know the lockdown is needed but at the same time it affected many lives on the street.

“I have been doing whatever I can to help poor people on the street. It is disheartening to see small kids crying for food. I have even asked others to help them,” said Gaurav.

“I also distribute face masks, shields and gloves to them.” Gaurav further said he made food for people by himself in his temple at Chandni Chowk where he is a priest. “I have been making it for at least 1,000 people with the help of some friends and family members. It feels really great. I just hope this second wave doesn’t affect more families and everything gets settled soon.”

Last year Gaurav also distributed food among the needy.

Gaurav clinched two gold medals at the 2016 World Powerlifting Championships in England. In 2007, he won four gold medals at the Commonwealth Championships in New Zealand.

Initially starting out as a weightlifter, Gaurav later switched to powerlifting under the guidance of Dronacharya awardee coach Bhupender Dhawan. But now he has switched to shooting. 

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