Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2020 will unite the people of India, says Abhinav Bindra

India’s only individual Olympic Gold Medallist Abhinav Bindra, who is the event ambassador of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2020, expressed during a media conference on Friday that the event will bring people together in India. 

The event is set to be held on Sunday, 29 November. While the Elite runners will be at the start line at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, on the 29th November, amateurs from across the globe will join them via the exclusive Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Mobile App.

“Sport unites people and the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will help in uniting people.  Bringing in more solidarity is important at the moment. Each one of the runners participating in ADHM 2020 has a good role to play in uniting people and the community. My best wishes to the participants and also congratulations for their contribution” said the former shooter.

Bindra added that ADHM 2020 is a significant moment for Indian sports since the pandemic started earlier this year.

“The ADHM 2020 is a very significant moment for Indian sports since the pandemic started. Our athletes have resumed training but we have to get them in the competitive space again. This is a very important step towards resuming competitive sports in India. This event would be a benchmark for other sports to follow in the future,” said the Olympic Gold Medallist.

Speaking on the amateur runners participating from remote locations, Bindra said, “This era forces us to embrace technology more and innovate more. Sports needs technology and innovation. To survive a challenging situation, we have to adapt to the situation.”

When asked about his own tryst with running, Bindra said that it was a vital part of his training regime during his shooting days, “I picked up the sport of shooting because I thought I didn’t have to move, but to succeed in shooting, I had to run quite a bit. Running helped me to sustain pressure in a competition so it was a very important part of my training regime.”

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