BFI recommends more women representation

The Boxing Federation of India (BFI), which has always come up with initiatives to pioneer change, is now looking at having more women representation in the federation’s functioning. In an EC (Executive Council) meeting held on Thursday, it was proposed that the women representation will now rise to at least 25%.

For BFI, athlete first has always been a vision which has led to the growth of the sport and has made Indian boxing a global powerhouse. Continuing that trend, the rising popularity of women in boxing has now prompted the BFI to come up with this forward-thinking first-time initiative. Administration, coaching, R&Js will now be among various other areas where the participation of women will be encouraged more than ever. The recommendation saw unanimous acceptance in the meeting.

“It is very important that since our men and women boxers are both doing well, a similar outlook should also be brought in the running of the federation. Hence this is something that was proposed in the EC meeting and we will take it up in the coming months,” said BFI President, Ajay Singh.

BFI has also recommended a revamping of the Women’s Commission mandate and keeping in tune with various international sports organisations, it will now address all aspects of women’s boxing including performance and development.

The EC was attended by 27 participants including President Ajay Singh over a video conference on Thursday.

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