Felicitation for 1970 Indian Water polo team!

1970 waterpolo team.

Exactly 50 years ago, the Indian Water polo Team created history by winning the Silver Medal at the 1970 Bangkok Asian Games, which to date continues to be India’s finest performance overseas in an International Water polo Competition. To celebrate this memorable and historical achievement a Zoom Meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, 20th December 2020 from 12.30 pm to 1.45 pm. IST. 

The Swimming Federation of India has joined hands with the former players to make this event a grand success. 1970, silver medal winning team included,  Avinash Sarang, Tarun Goswami, Ashok Biswas, Piyush Mitra, Bharat Merchant, Samir Kapadia, Abdul Mutlib and Umaid Singh, Chand Ram Rana, Deep Narayan Singh & Pattabhi Raman.

Bharat Merchant

Out of the team of eleven team members we have Bharat Merchant & Avinash Sarang surviving heroes and legends of this incredible accomplishment will be a part of this Celebration and will share their preparation, journey through the five day Tournament, the exciting moments, the thrill and joy of this momentous occasion and their experiences while recreating those magical moments. 

Avinash Sarang

Through this Zoom Meeting, an honest and sincere effort is also sought to be made to revive interest in the Olympic Sport of Water polo by getting the new generation to be inspired by this remarkable achievement in Bangkok and subsequent Bronze Medal won by India at the 1982 Delhi Asian Games.

Bharat Merchant, the youngest member of the 1970 Team and top scorer for India in the Tournament, who has taken the lead in this endeavor, along with Arjuna  Awardee Avinash Sarang, who was a key member of the 1970 Team will regale participants in the Zoom Meeting with their experiences and the thrilling moments of India’s march to the Finals, where they lost a close & thrilling encounter to Asian Giants and reigning champions Japan.

Members from the 1982 Bronze Medal winning team and other prominent players who have donned India colours at various Asian Games & International Water polo Tournaments are also expected to join in the Celebration. 

Quote by Bharat Merchant, Team member, 1970 Asian Games-The Water Polo & Swimming Sport has built my all round personality, Physical & Mental, Water Polo have taught me to win all the battles of the Life, Made me Fighter with quality of NEVER TO GIVE UP until match End, Even after Defeat taught me to Prepare for Next win. The Water Polo Helped me to build my Professional career and my today’s all my Achievements are Due to Vigorous water Polo, I Played from my 10 year Tender age to the 25 Year. Thanks Water Polo with Big Cheer ! JAI WATER POLO !-

Quote by SFI- “The event is being celebrated and Swimming Federation of India is participating wholeheartedly. ” Mr Virendra Nanavati
Swimming Federation of India is thrilled to relive this moment of national pride on its golden jubilee alongside the living legends who made India proud on this day 50 years ago. “We take this moment to pledge our commitment to the sport of waterpolo and work with these legendary players to chart a new course for the sport in our country,” said Mr Monal Chokshi.

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