“Not So Alive…”: Naseer Hussain, Ricky Ponting’s Harrowing Verdict On Test Cricket

England and Australia cricketers in action during Ashes 2023© AFP

The Ashes 2023 produced a number of exciting moments with all the five Tests attracting almost full houses on a daily basis. The cricket on display was praised heavily by the critics but former Australia skipper Ricky Ponting believes that it is enough to bring back the interest in the longest format of the sport. During the final Ashes Test, Ponting said that the cricket boards around the world should look into making Tests interesting again and it cannot be only dependent on the big teams.

“I think the bottom line is every board every association every team to aspire, to achieve the level of cricket that has been played here. The last thing you wanna see is boring drawn out games of Test match cricket and I think if this can prove anything to the rest of the world as far as Test cricket is concerned, you can play four one-day games in a row and still win Test matches,” Ponting said.

“I think every team, every captain, every coach can learn something from this, take that approach and pick the appropriate players to make the Test cricket more exciting,” he added.

Former England cricket team skipper Nasser Hussain also echoed similar sentiments as he said that all teams need to come together to take steps which will be crucial in making Test cricket interesting for the fans.

“The top three… two of the top three England, India and Australia, they have been successful. They will continue to be successful. So those three are trying to push you on but they have also got to keep an eye on the rest. It is not just about the top three,” Nasser Hussain told Sky Sports.

“It’s all well and good me saying on commentary ‘My big moment in Headingley. The Ashes is alive. Test cricket is alive’. Have a look at other parts of the world, it’s not so alive. Yes we are proud of what we have achieved and Australia and India have achieved but it will be dull if we just see India, Australia and England month in and month out, year in and year out,” he added.

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