“Rohit Sharma Is Good But…”: Kapil Dev’s Intriguing Message To Indian Team

Rohit Sharma needs to be more aggressive, as per Kapil Dev© AFP

The England cricket team has truly revolutionised the manner in which Test cricket is played. The Ashes 2023 series was dubbed one of the most enthralling cricketing series to have been played in recent times. The impact of ‘BazBall’, the style of play that the England team has adopted, is such that talks of implementing the same philosophy in other teams is also gaining momentum. In fact, India’s legendary captain Kapil Dev feels Rohit Sharma‘s men should also play in the same manner.

Kapil isn’t known to mince his words whenever it comes to cricketing discussions. The 1983 World Cup-winning India captain feels every team should try to play the way the England team is. In fact, he also feels India’s current skipper Rohit Sharma needs to be more aggressive in his approach.

“BazBall is wonderful. The series between England and Australia was one of the finest series I have seen in recent times. I think cricket should be played like that. Rohit is good. But he must be more aggressive,” Kapil Dev told The Times of India.

“You have to think about how teams like England play now. And it’s not just us. All cricket-playing countries have to think on those lines. Winning the game should be the highest priority (not play for draws) for all teams,” he asserted.

With the Asia Cup and ODI World Cup not too far away, the style and team composition of the Indian team has been the subject of intense debate among fans and experts.

The Indian team’s T20I series loss against West Indies was termed by many as an ‘eye opener’. Though the next T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in 2024, the transition from experienced players to young ones hasn’t been the smoothest so far.

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